Our story

RAMBLERS – meaning: The word ramblers we use in our brandname has a special meaning. A ramblers is a drifter, a roamer or a nomad. It says ”they who walk the land for pleasure”. To find the perfect interior and lifestyle treasures, We have to seek warm secret places to find the one perfect item. We want to share their stories and our love for these unique products.

When you buy a product you not only maintain a special craft, you support a special foundation that teaches young women from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco centuries-old crafts such as the weaving of Berber carpets. By learning these old crafts these women can generate income for themselves and their families in the future.

Sophie founder of RUGS & RAMBLERS

In addition to my great love for homewares, we love the Mediterranean lifestyle and exotic influences. We like to work with natural materials and special fabrics, this way each product has its own story. The locals who make our products do this with attention and craftsmanship, from generation to generation. This makes our items even more special.

From this passion originated interior label Rugs & Ramblers with which we want to convey the love for handmade homeware and lifestyle items with a warm holiday feeling. all carefully handpicked by us. We collect the most beautiful treasures and have secretly fallen in love. Shop our items online (and in store soon!)

For a slow conscious lifestyle.

Love, Sophie


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