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Geheime tuin | Palma


Impremta Garden: een prachtige geheime tuin midden in Palma!

Take a look in side this stunning secret garden in the middle of Palma.
A unique urban residence with thought-through interiors and state of the art architecture, in a cosmopolitan class of its own, right in the very center of Palma. No neon signs. Instead, a sophisticated oasis, filled with timeless style, wrapped in centuries of Balearic history – and no one needs to know.

Every apartment is a unique architectural solution, resulting from a combination of the building’s 400-year history and uncompromised modern design. The heart of the property is a lush pool patio, attracting desired sunlight along with equally appreciated shade. Under the sky. Indoors. With leaves, trees, private balconies, water, plants, stone, light, stories and life shining bright through the entire concept.

Impremta Garden | architecture by AVW ARQUITECTURA | interior design by WHYTE LILJA


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